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Rectal Rooter Facial Cumshots
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Great babe! She's so wonderful and sweet and even lets me in. Well it goes to both. Lets me in at her place, and "lets me in" in her holes. She's fucking great, and nailing her ass and creaming it, is so damn hot!
Boob Exam Scam Olivia
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Olivia
Olivia's luscious breasts were just aching to be fucked - and we had the cure! We sucked and fucked those hot tits, and gave her a double dose of medicinal dick!
Boob Exam Scam Cecilia Teen Hardcore
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Cecilia, Teen Hardcore
Cecilia has tickle itis, and if you touch her breasts, she can't stop laughing. The ol' doc had seen this before; but the only cure was to massage her tits while keeping his cock down her throat to stop the laughing!
Rectal Rooter Sexy Babe Tight Ass
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Naughty chick gets a pounding she never once had. Showing off her stuff to this pervert guy, she gets a nasty banging in her asshole, and ripped it off with his huge cock.
Boob Exam Scam Sasha
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Sasha
Little can be done to treat Mysterious Spontaneous Boob Growth; only a seasoned doc can help. That would be by whipping his cock out and ramming it into her tight vagina, then dumping slop on those swelling breasts!
Rectal Rooter Busty Blondes Lick My Ass
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This stacked bitch gets humped like a filly in heat when she offers up her tight anal starfish to her man. Here her neigh in pleasure once you download this episode!
Rectal Rooter Hot Blonde Deepthroat
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It's a blast fucking a hot chick such as this one. This office girl is about to experience anal wreckage and facial blast from this pervert guy.
Boob Exam Scam Laura
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Laura
We squeezed Laura's tits together only to notice something was wrong. Her tits were soft & supple but her our cocks were hard & lonely. Looks like the only cure is to suck us off!
Rectal Rooter Big Boobs and Tight Ass
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A chick with huge boobs and butt, perfect! And getting her fucked is a big bonus, especially nailing on her tight ass.
Rectal Rooter Hot Slut Rough Sex
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Hot slut loves to get it rough on huge cock. Especially if she's getting nailed in her asshole!
Boob Exam Scam Michaela
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Michaela
Doctor's rarely make house calls, but we're not your normal docs! Michaela was very surprised to see us whip out our meat thermometers and take her temperature! Oh no, sweetie this one goes up your arse!
Boob Exam Scam Gisselle
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Gisselle
This latina skank was in to have her breasts looked at, but we realized the case was severe and she needed to suck and fuck her way to good health. Good health and a good nut across them titties you grinning puta bitch.
Boob Exam Scam Bibi Fox
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Bibi Fox
We saw Bibi's nipples poking thru her short little dress. They were aching to be sucked, licked, and fucked! Bibi let us feel her up in her exam. It turned her on so much her pussy was dripping wet!
Boob Exam Scam Alexis
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Alexis
Alexis had been naughty with the nipple torture, causing soreness in her tits. The doc had experience treating patients with this condition: a heavy dicking of the pussy and wad shot down the throat should cure her!
Boob Exam Scam Jasmine
Posted in Boob Exam Scam, Jasmine
As Jug-licious Jasmine sat on the examination table the doctor's tool was already hot. It wasn't long until doc was all over her busty bosom! The game was up once her clothes came off, and it was all suck and fuck from there!!

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